What can ARI do for you


Stop Revenue Loss

By acting on the intelligence Ari provides, you can reduce the revenue you lose to chargebacks while avoiding the higher cost of a chargeback alert.


Flag High-Risk Transactions

Ari analyzes transactions before they’re fulfilled and detects transactions that are likely to become a chargeback, allowing you to take steps to reduce your risk.


Minimize Your Chargeback Risk

By diverting high-risk customers to alternative payment methods or payment flows, you can reduce your chargeback risk without losing revenue.


Stop First Party Misuse (Friendly Fraud) in its track

Your only solution to predict and prevent chargebacks with high precision before you fulfill your orders.

How ARI Works

Order Data
Transaction Data
Fraud Data
Real World Data
Predictive Score
Deny Transaction
Approve Order

Maintain a Healthy Chargeback Ratio

First-party misuse is on the rise. Ari can help you protect your business from the costs of a high chargeback ratio by identifying customers who are likely to file a chargeback


Detect Transactions That Pose an Increased Chargeback Risk

Ari identifies the bad actors before you fulfill their orders, giving you the chance to take protective measures.


Protect Your Bottom Line with a More Cost-Effective Solution

By predicting potential chargebacks after the transaction is authorized but before the order is fulfilled, it provides a cost-effective way to protect your revenue and gives you the flexibility to address the situation as you see fit.

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