MOVING ON: Why Spanks Had to Break Up with its Chargeback Representment Company



The thriving online retailer of health and beauty products “lost trust” in its provider. It switched to Chargeback Gurus and gained about $500,000 per year.

Spanks Nutra, LLC ( is an online merchant selling about $6M per year in health and beauty products to US and Canadian customers. After about three years in business, owner Rio Lanzisera calculated that Spanks had lost over $1.5M due to fraud and chargebacks.

So he hired a well-known chargeback representment and chargeback prevention firm. He expected them to curb chargeback frequency and win more chargeback disputes.

But it didn’t happen. He felt largely ignored after the initial agreement was signed.


"They were getting pricier and pricier and I couldn't find out why... But what was worse was that this company didn't take responsibility. And I thought, 'Why am I paying for this?'"


"I lost trust in them," he said. "They were getting pricier and pricier and I couldn't find out why. Then one day I got an astronomical fee for pre-arbs. It was $28,000 deducted out of my bank account overnight, no questions asked. That would shake anyone's tree.

"But what was worse was that this company didn't take responsibility," Lanzisera said. "And I thought, 'Why am I paying for this?'"

The search was on

Lanzisera looked at other chargeback specialists and inquired about Chargeback Gurus. Suresh Dakshina, the co-founder of Chargeback Gurus, showed Lanzisera the types of risk and vulnerability assessments his team does, examples of reports, and a detailed projection of chargeback wins.

"His manner and the things he showed me sold me on Chargeback Gurus,” said Lanzisera.

Once hired, Chargeback Gurus suggested several changes in the operation. Spanks swiftly acted on the advice, adding customer service processes and improved protocols.  

“It's been night and day compared to the other group," Lanzisea says. "Suresh’s team is completely different than my previous group. The Gurus are hands on. They call me every week, we do conference calls, they follow up on reserves. His team checks every morning whether all my orders are shipped or not. I get a report on that every day.”

Plus, he says, Chargeback Gurus "does a lot of little things…sets up merchant accounts, account reconciliation, customer service processes and support. Which in fact are not little things — they all add up. It really makes a difference."

One of the things he values most is "a report on what the customers are commenting on, or complaining about - I get that report every day," he added. "Sometimes I get a log of refunds, and it tells me why and what is going on. It's good to be on top of things."


Lanzisera credits Chargeback Gurus with "half a million dollars in lost revenue that we now have."


"The key to this business is customer retention, and we’ve been able to increase it by 28%. You want to keep people coming back."

Return on investment and looking ahead

"More than a year later... I can honestly tell you we haven't lost a MID (Merchant ID). I'm going to be starting a new project and I'm going to use Suresh and Chargeback Gurus for that too. It's new and revamped. And I want them involved."

Profit "basically comes from the profits that we fight to keep," and working with Chargeback Gurus has made an enormous difference, he says. They were losing more than five percent chargebacks with the previous group; now, with Chargeback Gurus, they are losing less than 2 percent - a difference of about $250,000 a year.

Adding in the system improvements, and accounting for the chargebacks they're no longer getting, Lanzisera said that Chargeback Gurus is responsible for "half a million dollars in lost revenue that we now have."

Why is Chargeback Gurus so different from its competitors? "It comes down to the service you get after you buy," he explains. Chargeback Gurus, he said, "has excellent service. The other guys? No comment."

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