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Fight back against costly, time-consuming chargebacks and fraud—and win.

We have been leading the charge against chargebacks for 13 years, including operating as an online merchant ourselves. We have experienced first-hand the hassles, frustrations and costs that chargebacks can bring to merchants who are busy trying to run and grow their businesses.

We understand why chargebacks occur, how to prevent ecommerce fraud, how to respond to chargebacks and recover our clients’ lost revenue. Our knowledge and experience have helped us develop unique and effective strategies that minimize the incidence of chargebacks for our clients while maximizing the chances of winning chargebacks.

Today, as both a Certified Ecommerce Chargeback Specialist and Certified Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Specialist, we utilize our industry experience to help online merchants like you to save time and energy and significantly reduce the costs associated with chargebacks.

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Awesome support. LOVE the Chargeback Tracker system. Now I can manage all my merchant accounts and chargeback risk level in one interface. Plus, I can see the chargeback win percentage which I was not able to get from the other company I used in the past. This team has been incredible. Keep up the good work.

- Mike S, FTN LLC