Merchant Cops Program

Chargeback fraud is a major issue in the e-Commerce industry. There are times when customers may have legitimate reasons to cancel credit card transactions. These chargebacks can be prevented by an e-Commerce merchant if they have a close control and process documentation on all of their back office operations. Several e-Commerce merchants are so busy increasing their sales that they do not realize the importance of having a stable back office process. This prompted Chargeback Gurus® to create Merchant Cops Program – a 360-degree protection program that will help e-Commerce businesses prevent and reduce friendly fraud chargebacks.

Why Create Merchant Cops Program?

What we’ve learned in working with e-Commerce merchants is that they do not understand the effect of having poor back office processes. This mistake can be costly and can lead to friendly fraud, chargebacks, a high level of customer dissatisfaction, and low sales. We aim to assist e-Commerce merchants with many of the common issues we’ve seen. Here are just a few of these issues:

  • Lack of fraud monitoring software
  • Lack of clear pricing or terms and conditions on their e-Commerce website(s)
  • Lack of order confirmation emails sent to customers
  • Lack of shipment monitoring
  • No control over fulfillment
  • Little or no inventory management, leading to backorders and chargebacks
  • No plan for resolving customer service escalation issues
  • No plan for handling BBB/attorney general complaints
  • Mishandling duplicate orders, leading to errors in accounting and inventory management
  • Lack of tracking refunds, retention, and chargebacks
  • No monitoring customer service transactions, undelivered orders, fraudulent sales, etc.

All of these things can lead to a lack of true profit. Companies may feel like they are doing well because they are able to pay their vendors every month, but if they were to take a close look at the books, they would see that they aren’t actually making much of a profit. They may see issues such as a high number of merchant accounts being cancelled every month or customer credit cards being declined at the first automatic re-billing. They might also have a hard time getting new merchant accounts.

That’s where we come in. Our Merchant Cops program will assist you with these many issues so that you can increase your bottom line. Our Bulletproof program has helped our clients cut their chargebacks up to 35%.

What can Chargeback Gurus® do for you?

Chargeback Gurus® has been in business for more than 12 years, and our Merchant Cops program represents the accumulation of those years of knowledge. We focus solely on helping e-Commerce businesses identify and fix issues that are affecting their bottom line. Here are just a few ways we can help you:

  1. Do a full 360 degree risk/vulnerability assessment of your business
  2. Create a process plan to fix root causes creating chargeback spikes
  3. Provide action steps to improve customer retention and back office productivity
  4. Enroll merchants in a chargeback prevention program
  5. Install fraud prevention software to prevent online fraud
  6. Provide a dedicated account manager to identify and fix day-to-day back office issues
  7. Provide a real-time interface to manage your chargebacks and merchant accounts
  8. Fight chargebacks and stop fraudulent orders
  9. Help merchants with the necessary resources to expand their business
  10. Reconcile your merchant account settlements and deposits every day

Want to join our Merchant Cops program and improve your business performance? Call us today at (866) 999-3758 or click here to schedule an appointment with our Merchant Cops Program expert.