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Chargeback Gurus Deliver 6 Values to Maximize Your Revenue:

  • Real-time Portal to Track ROI

  • Value Added Services to Shield Your Profits

  • Experienced Staff with Personalized Support

  • Complete Transparency

  • High Risk Merchant Accounts at No Additional Cost

  • Payment Industry Connection

Chargeback Gurus is the ONLY firm that displays real-time win/loss revenue to our clients and our average win ranges between 60 - 70%.  Our state-of-the-art FPR 360™ identifies all vulnerabilities affecting your chargebacks along with over 15 analytical reports to identify the root cause. 

You will work closely with our team. We pride ourselves in being honest, ethical and thus we provide complete transparency to our clients. 

The relationships we form with our clients are dear to us and of high priority.  We want to share our experience so you can run a successful business! 


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