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Comprehensive Group Insurance

Protecting What Matters: Our comprehensive group insurance comprises Group Mediclaim Policy (GMC), Group Personal Accident Policy (GPA), and Group Term Life Insurance (GTL). CBG also offers parental insurance at a highly affordable cost, safeguarding your family's future with significant savings.

Tax-Efficient Friendly Flexi Benefits

Maximize Earnings, Minimize Taxes: Our Tax-Friendly Flexi Benefit Plan (FBP) empowers you to optimize your income while reducing tax liabilities.

Work-Life Balance

Time for What Matters: Embrace a fulfilling work-life balance with comprehensive leave benefits, including Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Bereavement Leaves, ensuring you can prioritize life outside of the workplace.

Guru Academy Online Learning

Unlock Your Potential: Elevate your skills and knowledge through Guru Academy, our comprehensive online Learning Management System. Empower your professional growth at your pace.

The Guru Experience

FAQ IconGuru Speak

An industry-agnostic learning forum with external speakers to encourage a spirit of continuous learning and collaboration within the company. The speakers bring in fresh perspectives and ideas that help stimulate creativity and inspire new thinking among Gurus.

FAQ IconGuru Academy

A comprehensive learning platform designed to help employees become chargeback process experts. The platform provides 4 levels of chargeback process excellence certification and is the first of its kind in the industry.

FAQ IconI2G: Interns to Gurus

The immersive internship program gives our interns a peek into life at CBG and our everyday operations and processes. Mentored by our leadership team directly, the program empowers the interns to push through challenges, learn new skills and pursue excellence in their careers.

FAQ IconGuru Gives: Changing the World One Volunteer at a Time

A monthly social responsibility initiative with volunteers dedicating their weekends to activities that create a lasting impact on society. Meaningful donations, environmental drives, and helping the underprivileged is CBG’s way of giving back to the community.

FAQ IconCtrl+Alt+Fit

A holistic health & wellness program designed for our Gurus. Employees have access to a suite of initiatives, from fitness challenges to mindfulness sessions, along with mental health support from experts. At our core, we value the overall wellness of our Gurus and encourage them to embrace a healthier, more fulfilling life through Ctrl+Alt+Fit.

Health & Wellness

Your Well-being Matters: Ctrl+Alt+Fit, our holistic health & wellness program is designed for our Gurus to access a suite of initiatives, from fitness challenges to mindfulness sessions, along with mental health support from experts.

On-Call Healthcare: CBG provides free-of-cost access to convenient on-call healthcare services and resources, ensuring your healthcare and medical support is always within reach.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):  The emotional well-being of our Gurus is highly prioritized at CBG. With our Employee Assistance Program, we provide access to a wide range of confidential support, counseling, and mental health resources. Whether you're grappling with personal challenges, work-related stress, or seeking guidance on various aspects of your life, the EAP is a dependable resource at your disposal. All services provided are held in the strictest confidence and are accessible to all employees and their immediate family members.
Team Engagement (1)-1

Team Engagement

Building Strong Bonds: To enhance team building, foster open communication, and strengthen relationships among our Gurus, we organize exciting team engagement activities periodically.

Participate in CSR Initiatives

Impact Through Action: Join hands with us in making a positive change. Engage in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, Guru Gives, to give back to the community and create a better world. Your efforts make a significant difference!
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Shuttle Services

We Have Your Commute Covered:  CBG offers free shuttle services to and from work, making your daily travel more convenient and cost-effective. It is our way of ensuring your journey to and from the office is as stress-free as possible.

Nutritious Food

Energizing Your Day: Enjoy a delightful array of healthy meals and snacks to keep you energized throughout the day.