Turn raw data into actionable insights with advanced analytics and advice from industry experts. Uncover hidden vulnerabilities, identify trends, and streamline your business processes to reduce chargebacks.  

Root Cause Analyzer

Real-time chargeback source identification tells you more about your buyer's journey than any other dispute tool or service. The Root Cause Analyzer allows you to assess 40+ data points to identify the true causes of your chargebacks, empowering you to increase retention and boost customer satisfaction.

VEDA Advanced Dispute IntelligenceTM

Our industry-first advanced dispute intelligence tool gives you unparalleled insights, allowing you to analyze your chargeback management strategy, compare with industry benchmarks, and forecast future chargebacks and revenue recovery.

Break down your chargeback data by issuer, card network, location, and more to uncover hidden trends and identify opportunities to reduce chargebacks.

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