ETA Transact 2023, April 24-26

What are chargebacks costing your business?

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ETA Transact

April 24-26, 2023

Georgia World Convention Center, Atlanta, GA

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Chargeback Gurus

For eight years, Chargeback Gurus been leading the struggle against fraudulent disputes. We understand the challenges and the costs that chargebacks create for companies around the world, and by using our relationships with banks and card networks to advocate for merchants, we're making the payments ecosystem a safer place to do business.

As Certified E-commerce Fraud Prevention Specialists and Certified E-commerce Chargeback Specialists, our expertise and experience have enabled us to create innovative and successful solutions that reduce the likelihood of chargebacks for our clients while enhancing their chances of success.

With our best-in-class data analytics, we customize every representment package to maximize your ROI. We can help you identify and address the true root causes of your chargebacks to reduce losses and increase customer retention. And with our commitment to white-glove service, you'll have access to a dedicated expert who can answer your questions and solve your problems at a moment's notice.