Prevent chargebacks with Smart Prevention AlertsTM and Order Intelligence. Protect your merchant accounts and reduce your chargeback ratio by gaining access to the largest alert networks and all available pre-dispute intervention tools.

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Smart Prevention AlertsTM

Don't settle for an out-of-the-box solution. With Smart Prevention Alerts, you can minimize costs while maximizing prevention.

  • Disable types of alerts that don’t prevent chargebacks.
  • No cost for eligible duplicate alerts.
  • Notifications when the chargeback ratio on one of your MIDs is nearing the limit.
  • Custom alert response strategies, not blind refunds for all alerts.
  • Authorized reseller of both Verifi CDRN and Ethoca alerts for maximum coverage.
Our industry experts will catch the alert notifications that slip through the cracks of automated systems, such as partial disputes and mismatched transaction dates. Combined with access to the world’s largest alert networks, you get more coverage than any other provider.

Order Intelligence

Chargeback Gurus Order Intelligence enables the real-time transmission of transaction data to issuers at the time of cardholder inquiry or dispute, allowing you to prevent many illegitimate chargebacks.

Order Intelligence combines Visa’s Order Insight and CE3.0, Mastercard’s Consumer Clarity, and Amex Dispute Resolution into a single service platform for ideal efficiency.

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