Recover Revenue with Smart Chargeback RepresentmentTM

With Smart Chargeback Representment™, industry expertise is combined with innovative technology to produce unmatched recovery rates.

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AI Insights

This is AI done right! FPRONE seamlessly integrates multi-generational AI capabilities into stakeholder user journeys, maximizing efficiency and setting it apart from other standalone AI models in the industry.

A/B Testing

Maximize revenue recovery and enhance business metrics with our intuitive A/B testing manager. It empowers you to run more than two templates against chargeback cases using an innovative campaign-style design, enabling our industry experts to fine-tune and rapidly refine Custom Dispute Packages for maximum impact.

Performance Dashboard

While traditional business reports are retrospective, our Real-time Performance Dashboard provides over 40 analytical widgets to uncover chargeback vulnerabilities and address root causes for proactive loss reduction and streamlined operations.

Dispute Workflow Enhancement

Streamline your chargeback representment process with our seamless Custom Dispute Package creation, featuring template assignment, efficient customization, and easy evidence management.

Case Creation Through Seamless Integration

Effortless case creation and smart template
selection with seamless integration for
streamlined efficiency.

Quality Assurance Hub

Enhanced quality assurance process with integrated audit workflows and configurable sampling techniques.

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