COVID19 Fraud & Chargeback Prevention

Webinar by: Chargeback Gurus & Sift

Novel coronavirus has given rise to unprecedented fraud and chargeback rates around the world. While certain industries struggle to exist, all industries have been impacted in one manner or another. In this video we discuss trends observed in the wake of COVID19 and educate merchants on the path to recovery from fraud and chargebacks.

COVID Chargebacks: where we find ourselves now

March 2020 came and went, leaving businesses of all kinds to reconcile the implications of COVID-19. For those in the payments space we know that one thing is always sure to follow such major events: chargebacks. 

So what can you do to fight the chargebacks that have been arriving and best protect yourself against the ones sure to come in?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Insights from industry experts on current COVID-19 fraud trends and the top reasons behind chargebacks
  • How “COVID vultures” are taking advantage of the current world environment for economic gain
  • Updates on the card networks’ dispute monitoring programs 
  • Best practices on fraud prevention and chargeback management to help you through uncertain times and into the future

Can I prevent COVID19 Chargebacks and Fraud?

Seemingly overnight, questions like this have become some of the most common for merchants. While there are no simple answers to this question, there are answers.

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