Shielding Your Business with Smart Chargeback Representment

Webinar by: Chargeback Gurus

While chargeback representment is a crucial point in the chargeback process for merchants to recover lost revenue, it can also be a difficult task for merchants to get right. Understanding chargeback representment from the issuer's point of view is essential for merchants to figure out what counts as the best compelling evidence. Join us as we dive deep into how you can optimize your chargeback representment process.

Is your business shielded from chargebacks?

Merchants lose thousands of dollars to chargebacks every year, and the way to recover this lost revenue is through chargeback representment.

This is an important part of the chargeback process for merchants to get right because it's the final point to fight for your lost revenue.

Whether you're new to learning about chargeback representment or looking for new ways to increase your win rate, join us to hear from subject matter experts about how you can create the best chargeback representment process to help win your disputes.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The myths and misconceptions surrounding chargeback representment
  • Insider information about issuer chargeback departments
  • How to formulate the right compelling evidence for your disputes
  • When you should consider outsourcing chargeback representment

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