Subscription Chargebacks: How to Cancel Recurring Billing Fraudsters

Webinar by: Chargeback Gurus & Chargebee

The subscription industry has certainly been affected by the continuous rise in chargebacks and fraud. It is important to remember that chargebacks are preventable with proper education and resources.  In this webinar, we will address the complex chargeback challenges that many subscription merchants face and tips to prevent these challenges in the future.

Subscription Chargebacks: why do they matter?

For subscription merchants, chargebacks are an inevitable facet of doing business. Left unchecked, these chargebacks can result in lost revenue and disrupt an entire business operation. 

So, what strategies can you put in place to win these chargebacks and best protect yourself in the future?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The most common reasons that cardholders file disputes and how you may be contributing to them
  • Fraud types specific to subscription merchants
  • Best practices on chargeback management and fraud prevention to increase your ROI and protect your customers

Can I prevent Subscription Chargebacks?

Chargebacks do not have to be a cost of doing business for merchants. With proper prevention tools in place, you can limit your exposure to future chargebacks and fraud. 

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