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By understanding our clients’ needs and aligning with their goals, we help them recover their lost revenue and prevent future disputes.

At Chargeback Gurus, we're proud to say we have helped merchants reduce their losses by over 50% and recover hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue

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We prevent customers' cancellations on their credit cards extremely well now with Chargeback Gurus!

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CBG has helped us mitigate our chargeback issues with our processors and continue to do excellent work in managing our chargebacks. Ratios have improved significantly and we have them to thank for it!

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 Performance results are good, future direction of CBG looks positive, and the relationship and support provided by CBG is very good .

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Why Chargeback Gurus?

  • Average recovery rates over 50%
  • Custom reports with actionable insights
  • Analysis of 50+ data points to identify chargeback root causes
  • Customized no code/low code integration designed for fast ROI
  • Flexible terms & shared risk/reward pricing models
  • 4.8 out of 5.0 Google review score 

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