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You deserve to know how and why your customers generate chargebacks.
More importantly, you deserve to know how to overcome those chargebacks.

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Chargeback Gurus

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Guiding 3,000+ Merchants Like You

Smart Agents, Emily R

There were so many ways we could look at the data and what they were doing for us.

Smart Agents, Emily R

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Auto Transport LLC, Keith H

Gurus helped us recover 70% of our chargebacks and control them as well.

Auto Transport LLC, Keith H

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Magnum Inc., Magdalena K

Gurus helped us recover over $200,000!

Magnum Inc., Magdalena K

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3 Simple Steps to Chargeback Freedom

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Become a Guru and win 3x more chargebacks

More Money

With the highest win rates in the industry, you're going to make more money working with Chargeback Gurus than any other company.

Happier Customers

With the customer stories you receive from Chargeback Gurus, you'll be able to adjust your operations in a way that addresses your customer's concerns.

Better Analytics

With the highest level of reporting on the market, you can use our intuitive dashboards to monitor your incredible progress every step of the way.

Fast & Secure Onboarding

With infinite integrations, you're going to be winning and preventing chargebacks before you know it.

Intuitive Dashboard to Manage Chargebacks

root causes


Our real time chargeback source identification tells you more about your buyer's journey than any existing dispute tool or service.  Root-Cause Analyzer allows you to assess 40+ data points, identify vulnerabilities, increase retention and boost customer satisfaction.

win-loss analysis


Our ROI Analyzer™ shows you, in real-time, your recovered revenue, chargeback win rate and true ROI.

prevention analysis


We use the largest alert networks (Verifi & Ethoca), combined with our Root-Cause Analyzer™ & 3D Secure technologies to stop up to 50% before they happen.

marchant account risk analysis


Our Merchant Account Risk Analyzer™ protects your merchant accounts by tracking chargeback thresholds and alerting you in real-time when you are at risk.

Integrates with Tools You Already Use

Konnektive CRM
LimeLight CRM

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