• Work with us only if we increase your ROI.

    Strike at the root of chargebacks

    • Up to 83% chargeback win rate
    • Up to 65% chargeback reduction
    • 12 years' mastery in chargebacks
    • 100+ dedicated employees
  • 360


    • Win up to 83% of chargebacks
    • Reduce chargebacks up to 65%
    • Get real-time chargeback analysis
    • Set up prevention alerts
    • Improve operations
  • chargeback representment

    Work with us ONLY if we increase your ROI.



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The Chargeback Prevention & Chargeback Representment Gurus

Using our Fight-Prevent-Recover™ method, most clients see a 50% drop in chargebacks.

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Within 45 days of switching to Chargeback Gurus, their team recovered $350,000 in reserve funds, fixed my back office issues and got me new merchant accounts. My partner and I can relax now, without worry about our ROI. Brilliant.


The Fight-Prevent-Recover Method













The Guru Guarantee is simple: You net a gain or walk away.

Why are we confident that every client will net a gain?

Because we only take on clients positioned to win big from hiring us, and then deliver a combination of:

- Chargeback fraud technology and analysis

- Most experienced chargeback reversal specialists

- Proactive relationship management

Our technology integrates with as many as 35 third-party systems to gather data. Our advanced team uses this data to act swiftly when chargebacks occur.

Using the portal Chargeback Gurus provides to you, you can choose from 15 user-friendly reports, manage all merchant accounts in one place, and track dollars being recovered from chargeback reversals, in real time.

It works. And remember, you net a gain or walk away.


Let the Gurus assess every aspect of your business and identify the risks and vulnerabilities causing chargebacks and online fraud. Our bullet-proof solutions streamline your processes and fix your vulnerabilities to improve your business efficiency and profitability.
Chargebacks can affect your merchant accounts and cash flow - the lifeline of e-commerce businesses. Our 10+ years of business experience and industry reputation have helped us partner with major banks and seamlessly integrate with their technology to help you prevent chargebacks before they happen.
Our chargeback experts use their deep understanding of merchant bank rules and chargeback procedures to prepare solid evidence and custom documentation to win up to 83% chargebacks for your business. Our real-time Chargeback Tracker Portal keeps you up-to-date on everything you need to know about your disputed chargebacks.
Facing challenges managing different internal departments and vendors? Need an undercover team to ensure all your vendors and departments are performing at their optimum levels and meeting your SLAs? Our Merchant Cops Program will test, evaluate and report inefficiencies and ensure your operations are bulletproof.
E-commerce merchants have lost more than $100 billion in consumer fraud (a.k.a. Friendly Fraud) on card-not-present transactions. Can your business afford not to operate without Consumer Fraud Prevention measures? Our proprietary Consumer Fraud Watch technology will help you identify friendly fraud transactions on the fly and take proactive measures to prevent revenue loss.
Affiliate marketing is a great strategy to increase your customer base but also comes with its own drawbacks that need to be monitored. Our Affiliate Fraud Prevention technology analyzes over 30 different elements for every sale and helps prevent stolen credit cards & unauthorized transactions. Our technology has saved millions of dollars for our clients.
If you are lacking resources to manage your back office, including call center, fulfillment, refunds, etc., our dedicated account managers can help you optimize your back-office practices and minimize your chargeback and fraud vulnerabilities. They will monitor your end-to-end back-office operations every day and report back to you on a daily basis.
Our expert team and results-driven call center work with you to craft strategies to help you offer a higher level of customer service, customer retention, and sales support that can prevent chargebacks in the long run.
Are you offering trial-based subscription programs? If you are left with declined rebill transactions, our Customer Loyalty Enrichment Team will call your customers and recover the money for you. Every dollar collected through this service is 100% profit for you.
We can help you maximize your online sales by following up with customers who abandoned their shopping carts during an online transaction. Let our sales experts remind your prospects about their intentions to buy your product and convert them into active customers.
Are you expanding your business and are looking for more processing volume or are you not sure who to approach to get merchant accounts? Our merchant processing team can recommend the right processors for your business based on your risk level and get you the best rates.
We make managing multiple merchant accounts easy by reconciling your daily merchant account settlements and bank deposits. Our account experts watch for discrepancies and reach out to your payment processors on your behalf.
  • 12+ years

    Mastery in chargebacks

  • Up to 65%

    Chargeback reduction

  • Up to 83%

    Chargeback win rate

  • 100+

    Dedicated employees

So glad that we switched to Chargeback Gurus two years ago. They recover our chargebacks and even help us improve customer service. Extremely satisfied!

- Samir P, OJS LLC

How is Chargeback Gurus different?

Services The Gurus Others
12+ years of industry experience    
Business vulnerability assessment    
Chargeback prevention alerts    
Chargeback winning & representment    
Merchant Cops Program    
Consumer fraud protection    
Affiliate fraud monitoring    
Back office process management    
Customer retention & sales assistance    
Reduced rebill recapture    
Abandoned cart follow-up    
Merchant account setup assistance    
Merchant account settlement management    
Fair business guarantee    

Awesome support. LOVE the Chargeback Tracker system. Now I can manage all my merchant accounts and chargeback risk level in one interface. Plus, I can see the chargeback win percentage which I was not able to get from the other company I used in the past. This team has been incredible. Keep up the good work.