Every business that accepts credit cards for payment has to have a plan for dealing with chargebacks. They affect businesses of every size and industry, and their numbers keep growing every year. No matter how profitable a business may be, chargebacks have the potential to threaten your sustainability.

This in-depth Guru Guide is written for the seasoned chargeback professional. It provides invaluable insights into the complex undertaking of accurately analyzing disputes and chargebacks. Be prepared to learn how your chargeback metrics can be used to enhance your customer relationships and optimize your bottom line.

Chargebacks Analytics 02.09.24

Questions to be answered:

  • Which chargeback metrics are crucial for my business?
  •  How do I identify vulnerabilities through my  
    customer's eyes?
  • How can I increase customer retention using chargeback analytics?
  • How can my current chargebacks prevent future chargebacks?
  • How can I use chargeback patterns to increase my win rate?