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Minimize Chargebacks with our Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) Program

We are an authorized third-party VMPI facilitator that can help you seamlessly integrate with the VMPI engine.  Contact us today to learn  about enrolling in our 90-day, no cost VMPI trial.

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We integrate with your CRM or sales system to extract the transaction information required by the issuing banks to make an informed decision whenever a claim is made.

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The transaction data is seamlessly passed to the issuing bank through Visa's VMPI engine and our FPR-360 tool, helping them to decide whether the claim should be approved or denied.  This process minimizes "not-authorized" or "not-recognized" claims made by customers.

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Issuing banks that review cardholder disputes now have greater visibility into each transaction, thereby minimizing the number of "not-authorized" and "not-recognized" chargeback claims made.

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We are an authorized third-party facilitator of Visa's VMPI program that can help you seamlessly integrate with the VMPI engine without going through complex paperwork or integration.

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Gurus helped us recover 70% of our chargebacks and control them as well.

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There were so many ways we could look at the data and what they were doing for us.

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What is Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry?

Learn more about VMPI and the recent Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) policy updates with a free copy of the 7-Part Definitive Guide to Visa's New Dispute Process.

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