Chargeback/Dispute Prevention

FPR360™ Technology &
Alert Networks Prevent
50% of Chargebacks

The #1 provider of dispute analytics and Smart Chargeback Recovery; our alerts, Root-Cause Analyzer™ & 3D Secure technologies empower you to eliminate ~50% of chargebacks. 

Chargeback/Dispute Prevention Alert Networks

25% of Chargeback Prevention

Our prevention alert networks make "advance notice" an integral step in your dispute management process.  Alerts alone alleviate 25% of your chargeback problem - giving your team time to address disputes and prevent them from becoming costly chargebacks.

15% of Chargeback Prevention

Our real-time chargeback source identification tells you more about your buyer's journey than any existing dispute tool or service.  Root-Cause Analyzer allows you to assess 40+ data points, identify vulnerabilities, increase retention and boost customer satisfaction.

Frictionless 3D Secure 2.0: 
10% of Chargeback Prevention

3D Secure 2.0 technology instantly validates your transactions with the cardholder's bank, preventing most fraud claim disputes and reducing your chargebacks 10%.

Guru Guarantee

Guru Guarantee: 
Transparent, Secure, ROI Assured

You get simple pricing, no long-term contracts and our 100% Guru Guarantee, "You'll see ROI or say goodbye."

Over 2,200 Satisfied Merchants across Many Industries

Gurus helped us recover 70% of our chargebacks and control them as well.

Auto Transport LLC, Keith H

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There were so many ways we could look at the data and what they were doing for us.

Smart Agents, Emily R

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Gurus helped us recover over $200,000!

Magnum Inc., Magdalena K

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