Chargebacks are no stranger to the travel industry. Travel merchants were the biggest target when chargebacks spiked in 2020, and once a customer has disputed a charge successfully, they’re likely to dispute more charges in the future. This type of fraud, often referred to as friendly fraud or first-party misuse, can be difficult to address. Fraud prevention software can’t detect it. And when the chargebacks arrive, most merchants lack the expertise to fight them effectively.

That’s why we’ve created this Merchant’s Handbook. It contains in-depth information on chargebacks in the travel industry, and can help airlines, travel agencies, hotels, and car rental companies reduce their revenue losses.


You'll learn:

  • Common causes of chargebacks in the travel industry
  • Policies that will reduce the number of chargebacks you receive
  • Travel-related chargeback reason codes
  • How to reverse chargebacks with specific reason codes