Customer Story

Auto Transport 123

In-House or Outsource

Auto Transport 123 specializes in transportation of cars for consumers.  They provide a complete door-to-door service, picking up the vehicles from a desired location and safely delivering them to consumer destinations.


Auto Transport 123 faces chargeback challenges from customers trying to get something for nothing.  Though cars have been delivered on-time, and to the desired location, some customers still try to get their transport services for free.

Auto Transport 123 was receiving over 175 chargebacks per month, resulting in a loss of over $525,000.  Like many other companies, they decided to try and fight chargebacks in-house with their administrative staff, hoping to recover at least 50% of them.  Surprisingly, they were not able to recover even 20% of their lost revenue from chargebacks.  The paper work was overwhelming, and they could not figure out a way to overcome this challenge.

Enter Chargeback Gurus

Keith Hect, the owner of Auto Transport 123 was determined to find a solution to this half a million-dollar problem and went on the internet to find a company who could solve this problem for him. 

Keith spoke with several chargeback fighting and prevention companies, many of which were more concerned with selling their products and services and filling up sales quotas, rather than actually listening to his concerns.  He followed his intuition and decided to dig further, leading him to find and call Chargeback Gurus.

I spoke to one of their sales people for over 45 minutes.  He didn't interrupt me like others had, didn't tell me how great they were, but instead made a note of my challenges and went over them with me before speaking about their products and services.

Keith signed up and Chargeback Gurus went to work immediately to better understand his business and the processes involved in signing up new clients and delivering products.  They also made some process change recommendations that were taken to heart and implemented right away.


So far, Chargeback Gurus has recovered 68% of chargebacks and helped to recover over $200,000.  True fraud chargebacks have been reduced from 29% to 9%, and the customer satisfaction rate that was once below 3 (on a scale of 5) is now up to 3.81 and still climbing.  Implementation of the FPR-360 tool and other prevention strategies helped prevent 41% of chargebacks within the first 5 months.  Keith and the team at Auto Transport 123 continue to work with the Gurus to fight, recover and prevent chargebacks.

They have been the absolute best so far.  I highly recommend them to everyone who is looking for a quality service.