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Smart Agents

The "Smart" Way to Outsource

Smart Agents publishes marketing materials and books for real estate agents.


When we met Smart Agents in 2017, they were handling chargeback disputes in-house and felt they had things pretty well under control.  After speaking with the Gurus they realized that they were facing a chargeback risk level that exceeded 4%, which was resulting in lost revenue for the company.  They were also unaware of the root causes causing these chargebacks. 

I found out after working with the Gurus that there is so much more actually involved in replying to the (chargeback) disputes. 

They had previously hired another chargeback management company to handle their chargebacks, however they did not provide enough visibility, nor did they fight chargebacks on time.  They also had challenges reconciling the bank fees since they had multiple merchant accounts.

Enter Chargeback Gurus

The Gurus began fighting chargebacks using Smart Chargeback Representment and also implemented our FPR-360 tool, which allowed us to identify the root-causes of their chargebacks, provide better visibility into their chargeback win rate and prevention rate, and manage their risk levels in real-time.   

We not only fight and recover their chargebacks, but also provide recommendations and strategies to help prevent them from happening in the first place.


After outsourcing their chargeback management to Chargeback Gurus, the chargeback win ratio improved from 35% to 71% within the first 90 days.  We also have prevented 29% of chargebacks using Chargeback Prevention Alerts, and FPR-360 has given the client real-time visibility into their chargeback vulnerabilities, chargeback performance and prevention.

There were so many ways we could look at the data and what they were doing for us.

Today, merchant account settlements, fees and reserves are reconciled daily and discrepancy issues are resolved with the payment processors within 2 business days.