In April 2018, Visa launched a global policy for disputed charges.  This system, known as Visa Claims Resolution (or VCR), is designed to move away from the, litigation-based process to a model based on liability assignment.  There are significant differences between the two dispute systems.

You're certain to have questions about this policy and your business.  We're here to help walk you through VCR and get you acclimated to the VCR's concepts.  This definitive guide will explain the reasons and methods behind VCR process, what to expect, and how to navigate it.

Visa New Regulation Guide Offer Image.png

This Guide covers:

  • How the VCR Dispute Process works
  • VMPI, an enhanced tool to reduce disputes
  • Consolidation of Reason Codes into 4 dispute categories
  • How the new system will benefit merchants

Ready to navigate the VCR process? Download the guide now!